ESB - energetic structural balance

ESB® is a gentle, fast and very effective body therapy that aims to restore structural balance, reduce physical stress and pain and increase personal awareness and well-being.
It is a complex system of diverse techniques that find a coherent basis in the treatment principles of ESB.

ESB is essentially an energetic technique that has been developed to treat pain, physical dysfunctions and psychological problems.
In ESB® we assume that the human body has a large number of self-correcting mechanisms that maintain our health.
Disturbing symptoms are signs of an overload of these regulatory mechanisms; and through ESB treatment the process of autoregulation is set in motion again.

When performing ESB, I connect with the patient's energy field and apply a small impulse to the knee joint, for example, and wait until a reaction occurs - this is a spontaneous movement - a regulating movement that enables restructuring.
As a therapist, I only provide the possibility through my presence, but do not determine how the regulating movement occurs.

It could be described as a kind of dance where it is not clear who is leading the dance. Through my presence, empathy and therapeutic skills, the patient has the opportunity to overcome physical and emotional boundaries that would otherwiese not have been possible to overcome by themselves.

Each treatment of this very sensitive and gentle technique is unique, as each time it is a unique combination of the therapist/patient pair.
As a result, each treatment has different possibilities and the spontaneous movements can also vary in their speed and degree of movement, from small and gentle to large and energetic.

Andre Dückers, a Dutch naturopath and osteopath, developed this unique form of therapy.
My thanks to him and his extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body, which he passes on with great enthusiasm in his courses.

ESB is suitable for all age groups, from babies to the elderly. 

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