The temporal-mandibular joint – or the hidden Imposter

Among other things, I deal with the temporomandibular joint.
In the therapeutic world, the importance of the temporomandibular joint is unfortunately still given far too little attention.
Up to 80% of the symptoms in the body are triggered by a dysbalance of the temporomandibular joint.

The temporomandibular joint is the smallest joint in the human body, yet it is the strongest and is subjected to the greatest strain - through chewing, swallowing and speaking.
Because of these multiple functions, it is also the 'weakest' joint in the group. Therefore, it is important to look there when we want to treat problems and achieve a sustainable improvement in the patient's health.
In various special training courses for the temporomandibular joint that I have attended, I was able to learn and deepen the method of temporomandibular joint diagnostics and its correction in order to recognise and correct the imbalances in the body.
These corrections have a positive effect on the physical structures as well as on the organic level and thus increase the patient's sense of well-being.

The symptoms of a mandibular Dysfunction can be many:
          •  Headaches and migraines
          •  Dizziness
          •  Tinnitus or sinusitis
          •  Aches and pains in joints or muscles
          •  Pain in the musculoskeletal system - neck, shoulder, back, knee, plantar fascilitis
          •  Numbness in the hands
          •  Epicondylitis - - Tennis/golfer's elbow
          •  Digestive problems such as reflux
          •  Hormonal imbalances
          •  After accidents or injuries to the head it is vital to have the mandibular joint checked

To find out if out if you hava a balanced temporal mandibular joint or if you suffer from any oft he above symptoms, contact me for an appointment 


ESB and release from trauma

There is a connection between emotions/stress and physical health. The term ‘mind-body connection’ is often used, but in reality emotions and stress trigger the body's fight, flight or freeze mode. In the long term, a constantly activated sympathetic nervous system can contribute to health problems.

This effective ‘no-talk’ technique integrates the body's energy and nervous systems to release trauma.
This is energetic bodywork, NOT talk therapy.
This technique provides a way to address a person's emotional issues or stress without them having to remember, talk about or relive the cause.

Here is an example:
Perhaps a person has been diagnosed with a serious illness and is experiencing great anxiety. We know that healing is facilitated when the body's nervous system is in parasympathetic mode. This technique can neutralise the fear, bringing the nervous system out of flight/fight/freeze mode.

This trauma management technique was developed by André Dückers (Netherlands), an alternative practitioner and osteopath, who passed it on to Catja Gramberg in England in July 2023.

Client Feedback - releasing self debiliating beliefs and negative though pattern
I have realised that certain actions and phrases from people/friends are extremely triggering for me. Yes, I would even say that they triggered traumata in me.
Through your treatment, I was able to consciously look at these traumata again and transform them into something positive.
What has changed for me since then?
I still hear these sentences, but they no longer hurt me. I would even say that they no longer affect me.
The things you have resolved do indeed seem to have been completely ‘neutralised’. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Feedback - Sleep disorders for more than 10 years due to physical abuse
Dear Catja,
Firstly, I would like to tell you how I felt after my visit.
I was a bit shaken up, there was a lot to process, but that night I slept for 5 hours straight. That was super great. I also felt much better physically.
I didn't have any dizziness or other complaints on holiday. I was able to sleep for at least 5 hours at a stretch there too.
I'm doing really well at the moment.
The dizziness and all other pains are gone.
So thank you again for the great start to my holiday.

If you too want to feel lighter, happier and more liberated and want to participate in life again, then contact me to arrange an appointment. 

The allegedly shorter leg and the Bowen Therapy
I see this phenomenon very often in my practice.
My patients tell me that they were usually told about this diagnosis a long time ago and that if this leg length difference was extensive, they were also prescribed an insole.

But an anatomically shorter leg is rare, unchangeable and should be compensated for by using an insole, depending on the difference.

Where does this apparent leg length difference come from?
A short journey into the anatomy of the body and the pelvis.
Our pelvis consists of two pelvic halves that are connected to the sacrum by a connective tissue-like structure called the haft. The hip allows a certain mobility of the respective pelvic halves. The entire structure (pelvic halves and sacrum) is also called the ISG (sacroiliac joint).
So far so good, but where does the shorter leg come from?

At least one half of the pelvis has shifted in the ISG, which has changed the position of the acetabulum and thus, logically, the whole leg on the same side.


How can something like this happen?
Through one-sided activity or habitual bad posture, one-sided pressure or force (e.g. a fall or accident).

The statics in the body change and this misalignment, if undetected and untreated, can lead to a variety of complaints:
    • One-sided muscular or also neuralgic pain in the buttocks, pelvis, knee and foot
       (burning heel, heel spur, ischalgia, incipient hip and knee joint arthrosis)
    • Back pain
    • Headaches
    • Temporomandibular joint problems
    • Muscular hardening of the posterior thigh muscles
    • And much more

Bowen treatment can often alleviate and eliminate these misalignments and associated pain very quickly.
The Bowen therapy releases the tension and thus reverses the misalignments.
And it is all very gentle, non-invasive and effective in the long term.

If you suffer from one of the listed complaints, wear insoles or have been diagnosed with this condition, please feel free to contact me and I will support you in standing with both legs equally long in life again. 

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