Who am I

Catja Gramberg

Who am I

I am Catja Gramberg, an alternative practitioner with a passion.
I do this very diverse profession not only out of passion and dedication, I do it for my own health and well-being and for you, my patients.

A healthy diet and exercise have been with me all my life.
In my youth, I began to integrate small routines into my everyday life that are good for my body and soul.

A healthy spirit likes to live in a healthy body - Mens sana in corpore sano
a Latin saying from the 2nd century, which has not lost its meaning until today.

I completed my training in London, where I lived and studied for 16 years.

    • In 2001 my book on green juices was published in England 'Power Drinks - natural Energy in a Glass

  • In 2006 I started an initiative to give massages to mothers living in deprived areas. I received a government grant for this. This project ran for 3           years.

    • 2007 I returned to my hometown Berlin

    • 2013 I completed training as a course leader for baby massage courses.

    • In 2016 I became a non-medical practitioner and Bowen therapist (Bowtech therapist).

Additional training followed in Germany, Australia and Spain. Australia is the place of origin of Bowen Therapy.


I first 'encountered' Bowen Therapy, also called Bowtech in Germany, in England. A second time was during a stay in Cyprus. There I had my first Bowen treatment.
I was enthusiastic about the effect of the treatment on my well-being. Back in Berlin, I immediately looked for an opportunity to start training as a Bowen therapist.

For me, the Bowen Therapy and the ESB are the most effective methods I have ever come across to help people alleviate their physical and emotional ailments such as headaches, joint and back pain, muscle tension, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, heel spurs, asthma, etc. In the meantime I have been able to help many patients with Bowen Therapy and ESB.

I had a very impressive experience with my mother, whom I treated weekly with Bowen Therapy during her cancer illness and chemotherapy. Her body became more relaxed after each Bowen treatment and reduced the physical effects of the chemotherapy.

Patients describe me as: professional, competent, empathetic, warm, empathic, self-contained, sympathetic, friendly, humorous, sensitive, calm, courageous, powerful, determined and helpful.


    • ITEC in Massage Therapy
    • ITEC in Diet Theory and Nutrition
    • Cert. Course instructor for baby massage with the DGBM
    • Naturopath
    • Bowtech therapist
    • Energetic healing and transformation energy

Further education:
    • Homeopathy - Basics and Application
    • MET (Muscle Energy Techniques) and NMT (Neuromusclar Technique) - Trigger Point Therapy
    • Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy
    •Fascia and Nerves
    • The Pelvis and the Back
    • The World of Fascia
    • Examination Methods (PACS) - Kinsiological Muscle Testing and Diagnostic Body Assessment Techniques
    • TMJ - the hidden Imposter - complaints related to the temporomandibular joint and
       atlas correction
    • Bowen and the Hormone System
    • Chiropractic techniques (correction of pelvic obliquity, vertebral misalignments)
    • NST - Neuro-structural Integration Technique
    • ESB - Energetic structural Balance modul 1 and 2

I am an Instructor
I have been an official certified instructor of Ron Phelan's PASC training programme since 2024. The 2-day courses in body assessment and the temporomandibular joint can be booked through the Bowen Academy Austria.

This training is not only aimed at Bowen therapists but is also open to physiotherapists, osteopaths and body therapists.

Member of
Federation Espanola of the Asociaciones
Profesionales of the Naturopatas

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