Nutricional advice


What is nutritional advice about?

Nutritional advice will look at the cause of any dietary problems and the goals that you want to achieve It provides information on what a balanced nutritional plan looks like and with the help of a nutritional diary any shortcomings in the diet are shown. Part of the nutritional advice will entail looking at the long-term consequences of a poor diet on the body and will show possibilities to improve the diet and so the state of the body. Healthy weight loss can be one of the many goals. 

The goal of nutritional advice is to educate you about a healthy diet and thus to achieve that you change your eating habits in the long run, combined with adequate exercise as part of the daily routine. So you can also instill in your children good eating habits.

Nutritional advice is your first step on the road to long-term nutritional change without the side effects of dieting and does not take away the pleasure of eating, but reveals to you the variety of foods to ensure longer health.

Our body is unique and lets us know what it needs to live and to be healthy. If we first understand its signals and respond to it, you will begin to only eat the foods which are good for you. Food is vital so that our body can do all its tasks. It is important to consciously eat. Today in our fast-paced time we eat while watching TV, talking on the phone, reading, listening to the radio, in the office while working. It happens by the way and we do not notice what we eat what it taste like and smells and what effect it has on our body.

It is important to eat consciously. Stop, smell and slowly chew, so that the digestion which begins in our mouth can take place.Questions to ask yourself before eating: Am I really hungry or is it habit? If I want to eat what I have before me will it do me good, or is it a food that I eat out of habit?

We eat to live, not live to eat.

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