What is American Chiropractic?

American chiropractic is an alternative treatment method from the field of complementary medicine. It treats acute and chronic conditions and is designed to restore and maintain the function of the human body.
The focus is on the human spine, through which nerve pathways run from the brain. The brain, spinal cord and nerves make up the nervous system. It coordinates around 250 thousand different functions of the body simultaneously. Life and health depend on the vital communication between brain and body.

The spinal column is exposed to high stresses: Any physical, chemical or emotional stress can lead to vertebral displacements (subluxations), which disrupt the communication between brain and body and affect the normal functioning of the body. Subluxations are displacements of single or multiple vertebrae. Subluxations block the flow of the nerve pathways in the spine due to, for example, incorrect posture, poor sleeping conditions, lack of exercise or occupational posture disorders.
The body statics change. This can cause a variety of symptoms: e.g. neck pain, back pain, headaches, dizziness, migraine attacks, digestive problems, sleep disorders, tinnitus, hearing and vision problems, breathing difficulties, tension, joint pain, sciatica, lumbago or pain from pinched nerves, and many more.

The balance of the nerve pathways in the spine must be restored and the body statics adjusted. This is the only way to permanently reduce many complaints.

Chiropractic adjustments eliminate these disturbances and restore the communication between brain and body.
American chiropractic thus treats the cause and not just the symptoms, and does so in a very gentle way. In this way, the body's self-healing powers are supported.

Information on treatment costs
All treatment costs are available on request!
As a non-medical practitioner, the treatment costs are not usually covered by the statutory health insurance. However, some accident insurances, professional associations and private health insurances partially or completely reimburse the treatment costs. Please enquire with your health insurance company. 

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