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Catja Gramberg

Our health is a gift, without it our life would be less worth living. Only when we encounter health issues do we wake up and become active.

If you don't spend a little time every day on your health, one day you will have to spend a lot of time taking care of your illnesses." (Sebastian Kneipp)

Stress and one-sided strain are triggers for imbalances, dysfunctions and pain in our body.

My concern is to accompany and support you on your way to health, vitality, joie de vivre and strength.
and to support you.
Preventive measures that you can do yourself are part of my therapy concept.
In my work as an alternative practitioner, I take a holistic approach.

What distinguishes my therapeutic work from other approaches?

I don't see the patients who come to me as their symptoms, but I try to find out the cause of their symptoms.
In doing so, I use a variety of examination methods that enable me to identify the cause of their complaints.

If we look at people holistically, we recognise the complexity and high intelligence of their being, which in simple terms consists of 3 pillars/sides.

          1. the physical solid structures - bones, tendons, ligaments
          2. the biochemical processes - nervous system, digestion, hormone system
          3. the area of feelings and emotions - the subconscious, the experiences we have had in our lives.

We can therefore recognise that these 3 areas influence each other. Modern Medicine now also recognises now that our health and well-being depend heavily on how we feel.
This is why it is so important for health and recovery that all areas of the body-mind system are brought into balance.

Our body-mind system has an inherent ability to autoregulate (i.e. heal).

Dysregulation, symptoms and illnesses occur when the body is exposed to stress for too long and can no longer regulate itself.
The list of symptoms that I can support in my work are

          •  Muscle tension and stiffness
          •  Joint complaints
          •  Pain in the musculoskeletal system - lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine
          •  Headaches and migraines, dizziness
          •  Food intolerances and allergies
          •  Gastrointestinal complaints, digestive problems
          •  Sleep disorders
          •  Anxiety, panic attacks, depressive moods and trauma
          •  Scar removal
          •  Hormonal symptoms - menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, desire to have children
          •  Temporomandibular joint complaints and dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint - grinding, clenching, CMD
          •  Rehabilitation after operations, sporting injuries or accidents

And much more is within the scope of my work.

I work with you to develop a therapy concept that treats the physical symptoms, regulates biochemical functions such as digestion and intestinal activity and also addresses the emotional components of stress, trauma and depressive moods.

I use a variety of techniques - ESB (emotional structural balance), Bowen therapy, NST (neural structural technique) and a holistic nutritional concept.
I will guide you step by step on the path to better health and a better attitude to life.

If you also want to feel good again and have found yourself in this non-exhaustive list, then get in touch with me for an appointment.
I look forward to seeing you.

Be free, be happy, be healthy and feel good in your body, mind and soul. 

Bowen Therapie
Bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy was developed by Tom Bowen in Australia in the 1950s.



ESB® is a gentle, fast and very effective body therapy that aims to restore structural balance, reduce physical stress and pain.



Massage is one of the oldest healing methods known to mankind.



American chiropractic is an alternative treatment method from complementary medicine. She treats both acute and chronic ailments.


Vascular therapy BEMER

BEMER stimulates a limited movement of the vessels themselves


Nutritional Advice
Nutritional advice

Nutritional counseling reveals the problems that led to malnutrition.



Do you often feel tired and listless?
Do you suffer from a drop in performance during the day?


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