Health is measurable

Do you often feel tired and exhausted? Do you suffer from a performance drop during the day? Would you like to know what you are missing? Do you often catch colds or are you suffering from gastrointestinal problems?
Are you vegetarian or vegan and you want to know what your vitamin B12 status is?
Sleep badly or wake up late? You often feel tight or stiff or get regular leg cramps? Do you want to take preventative measures?

Answers to all these questions and more can be obtained from a BioScan measurement.
The BioScan is very similar to the cell communication in the human body and so it is possible
to receive information about deficiencies, surpluses, stress, imbalances of our system.

How does a measurement work?
Our body is made up of approximately 80-100 billion cells, all of which are composed of a nucleus, atoms and electrons, which are moving around the atomic nucleus. Due to the charge, these electrons generate through their movements electromagnetic waves. These waves are measurable and represent the current state of the human body. It should be noted that these analysis values are only one snapshot of that moment in time. You will hold a stick I your hand over which the electromagnetic waves are measured. It's like listening to a station on the radio. Every station or program has onespecific frequency. By adjusting the frequency (of the radio program/station) on the receiver (the radio)
a resonance between the two is created. This resonance principle is used in the Quantum physics for measurements. With the help of software the resonance and deviations can be detected and depicted over the sensor that you hold in your hand.

Our body is always trying to keep the inner environment constant. Referred to as internal milieu or the totality of the constant environmental conditions required for cell function. To maintain the state of equilibrium which is called homeostasis is vital for the functioning of the body.

All these parameters are simultaneously combined in the BioScan process and allow the patient with the help of the therapist to maintain this natural balance.

Advantages of this measurement:
    • Without blood sampling and without needles - therefore absolutely painless
    • Fast - one measurement takes about 60 seconds
    • No waiting time - The results are immediately graphed on the screen
    • Indicates any deficiencies or disorders before they can be identified in the blood cell

Analysis parameter of the BioScan measurement:
    • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions
    • Gastrointestinal function
    • Liver, gallbladder and pancreas
    • Endocrine system
    • Lung and kidney function
    • Brain nerves
    • Trace elements
    • Vitamins
    • Amino Acids - Coenzymes - Homotoxins
    • Heavy metals
    • Allergy sensitivities
    • Bone Density & Bone Growth
    • Fat Metabolism - Endocrine System
    • Immune system
    • General body condition
    • Eyes
    • Collagen
    • Male sexual function
    • Prostate
    • Gynecology & Breast
    • Body function analysis with BMI - body mass index etc.

With the BioScan procedure you as a patient can regularly take a look at the state of your body.
The measurements can be compared so that you can see for yourself what is going on and how the changes your have made are making on the cellular level you.

This type of follow-up is usually only available with regular blood sampling and submission to a laboratory.

Before a measurement:
Do not eat anything 2 hours before.
It's best not to drink alcohol the night before.
Then it would be important that all other appointments should take place at the same time if possible
to best compare progress and changes.

By analyzing with the BioScan, you have a tool in your hands, which you can use for yourself what you can / should change and with my support, how best that can be done.

Make an appointment today for a look inside her body.

Legal notice:
The analysis with the Bioscan SWA is currently not recognized by conventional medicine and science and does not replace a conventional medical examination for diagnosis.

Settlement via private health insurance allowance or as a self-payer. 

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